Naivasha Grandview Estate

Naivasha Grandview Estate

Ksh. 450,000 per 1/8 acre Ksh. 900,000 per 1/4 acre


Just 10 minutes drive from Naivasha town, lies the opulent Naivasha Grandview Estate. The prime location guarantees a brilliant panoramic view of Lake Naivasha and it is 500 meters from the highway. Naivasha Grandview is only a 3 minutes drive from Moi South lake road. With resorts like Enashipai resort and spa, Sweet lake, Camp Carnelleys and Kongoni lodge within the vicinity of your majestic Land;

Naivasha Grandeview estate offers you the perfect escape from the typical city life.

Enjoy tranquil residence; welcome to Naivasha Grandview estate! It is ideal for holiday homes, Getaway camping sites and speculation.


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